Heartbreaking Photos Of Mia Malaikah As Her Mother Rita Tinina Is Being Buried Today

Rita Tinina is survived by only one child 8-year-old Mia Malaikah and her sweetheart veteran journalist Robert Nagila.

Many people were heartbroken when they saw photos of Malaikah during her mother’s requiem mass held at the Holy Family Basilica on Monday.

Mia Malaikah sitting next to journalist Joe Ageyo during the requiem mass

Malaikah was captured on camera with a white dress and sat close to her aunties during the funeral service.

Close friends and immediate family members were dressed in black for the ladies and a white scarf.


Speaking during the requiem mass, Robert Nagila confessed that he was completely broken by his sweetheart’s untimely death.

“Over the past few days the one question that has constantly rang through my ears from wellwishers more than any other question is ‘how are you doing?’ Today as I stand here before you the answer to that question is ‘I am broken’. However, broken things can be mended whereas the loss of a loved one is absolute,” Robert Nagila said.

Robert Nagila

Turning to Mia Malaikah, Nagila said her mother loved her so much and could do anything for her.

Nagila noted that the void Rita Tinina left in his heart could not be filled.

“Your passing has left a void that cannot be filled. But I am comforted with the fact the numeric of times spent will live on,” he said.

Rita Tinina will be buried today March 27, 2024, at her family home at Noosupeni Farm Olokirikirai, Narok County.

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