“From Xtracool days to wedding bells”

A Nigerian man, Philip Enyinnaya, has married his longtime girlfriend whom he met during the era of ‘Xtracool days’ midnight calls.

The couple’s journey to matrimony was revealed in a post on Twitter where Philip shared their joyous union.

The announcement came as Philip responded to a post reminiscing about the “Xtracool days” and the role played by the telecoms company, MTN, in connecting people.

"From Xtracool days to wedding bells" - Man marries lady he did midnight calls with years ago

The post in question mentioned how MTN’s Xtracool services had facilitated connections, prompting users to reflect on their past experiences.

Philip took the opportunity to share his personal love story, revealing that the person with whom he engaged in numerous midnight calls during the Xtracool days had now become his life partner.

His tweet was accompanied by a photo from their wedding day, capturing the moment they officially became husband and wife.

“The person I did MTN xtracool and plenty midnight calls with is now my wife.” Philip wrote.

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