“Everyone says I am Pete Edochie’s son” – Nigerian Man with uncanny resemblance to iconic actor

According to a video of a man who remarkably resembles the legendary actor, Pete Edochie’s kid is often mistaken for him.

Pete Edochie’s lookalike said in a TikTok video posted by @abemarislifestyle that he discovered the similarities when he uploaded a photo online.

He claims that when people noticed how much they resembled each other, the moniker “Pete Edochie’s first son” stuck.

He disclosed that he wished to meet with the well-known actor and that he had just finished his master’s degree at Benue State University.

The young man went on to say that he looked up to Pete Edochie as a role model and that he wanted to be a well-known actor like him in a film.

He said: “The truth is Pete Edichie has always been my role model. My dream is to meet in person and if possible go on set with him. Having acted in just one movie with him will be like a dream come true. If that should be the height of my career, I am very okay.”

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