Erykah Badu Concert Disrupted By Fans Fighting, Video Shows Chaos In The Stands

The fight wasn’t near Badu so she was unaware of the flying fists.
Is there something in the water? Because there have been tussles happening at concerts across the globe this week. Roddy Ricch was in the middle of performing “The Box” at a Switzerland festival when someone in the audience rushed the stage before being tackled by security. Roddy even kicked his attacker, and while he was able to leave that incident unscathed, Cardi B was over in London at the Wireless Festival fending off fans who kept trying to grab her microphone.

She returned to social media to clarify that this wasn’t a fight, and as that altercation was being discussed on social media, Erykah Badu became a trending topic when video footage of women throwing bows in her audience surfaced.

Anyone who is a fan of Erykah Badu knows that the singer is a “vibe,” so to speak, and emits chill energy whether on or off stage. Her reputation as a creator, performer, and musician is unmatched in the industry, and those who have attended her live performances can contest that there isn’t anything about the atmosphere that would cause a fist fight to erupt.

However, that is exactly what happened, and in a video captured by someone who attended her concert, things got vicious. The clip opens with Badu on stage completely unaware that in the stands, chaos was erupting.

Of course, moments like these quickly circulate online and often cause memes and jokes to hit the internet. Check out the video of the fight as well as a few reactions below.





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