Drake Recalls Hearing The Weeknd’s Music For The First Time

Drake was feeling nostalgic.
Drake and The Weeknd go way back. Of course, there was a time when some people thought there was some sort of feud between the two, but now, it is clear that they are friends who have a tremendous amount of respect for one another. The Weeknd helped write some of Drake’s early hits, all while the two have collaborated on some iconic tracks. Needless to say, these two have a history that is held in high esteem, especially by those in Toronto.

The Weeknd is about to embark on a massive stadium tour with artists like Mike Dean, Kaytranada, and Snoh Aalegra. Drake couldn’t be prouder of The Weeknd’s success, as he recently took to Instagram to recount the first time he ever heard The Weeknd’s music.

As you can see down below, Drake talked about how he was standing outside of his apartment complex in Toronto, where Oliver El-Khatib began playing him some of those early Weeknd records. Drake immediately saw the potential, but with Abel going on this new tour, it is clear that Drake is impressed.

“Oliver played me The Weeknd right here. This is my old building, in Toronto,” Drake explained. “We were parked out here, it was raining. And that same guy is selling out the Sky Dome tomorrow, not the Rodgers Center.”

Perhaps someday, these two will give us another collaboration. For now, though, we will simply have to go back and enjoy what they’ve given us in the past.

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