DJ Khaled Voices Frustration With McDonald’s After He Can’t Find A Happy Meal

DJ Khaled says he couldn’t find a Happy Meal after hitting up several McDonald’s locations.
DJ Khaled says he went to five different McDonald’s locations and was unable to find a Happy Meal for his son, Asahd. Khaled voiced his frustration with the fast-food chain in a series of videos on his Instagram page, over the weekend.

“We went to every McDonalds, they have no Happy Meals nowhere,” he said in one post. “I don’t know why McDonalds don’t have Happy Meals.”

He continued in the caption to another post: “Mcdonalds please we need more happy meals, the kids want happy meals. Bless up and love @mcdonalds just want y’all to know [there’s] no happy meals no where but the great people at this @mcdonalds got one for my son @asahdkhaled thank u.”

In one video taken of a group of McDonald’s employees, Khaled says his famous adlib, “another one.”

While the Happy Meal still exists, McDonald’s began phasing it out of their Dollar Menu back in 2018. They’ve also discontinued the plastic toys that used to be included in any purchase of the meal.

“Making our toys out of renewable, recycled, or certified materials will result in about a 90% reduction of fossil fuel-based plastic in Happy Meal toys [compared with 2018],” the company said at the time, with a goal of creating a more sustainable Happy Meal by 2025.

Check out Khaled’s latest Instagram posts below.

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