Daniel Regha queries OGB Recent for splashing millions on brand-new G-Wagon

Daniel Regha, a controversial critic, questioned the source of wealth of a popular skit producer OGB Recent following his most recent acquisition.

Gistlover reported that OGB had purchased a brand-new G-Wagon costing millions of naira.

In response, Daniel Regha questioned the content creator’s source of income because of the amount of money he spent.

His words: “OGB_recent just bought a new G-wagon; Again, what does he do to earn a living or the amount of money he spends?”

Netizens chastised the well-known critic in the comments section, for asking to know his source of income in return.

Reacting to the post;

@STARBOY GUCCI asked: “What do you do you do for a living other than questioning what people do for a living ? Let’s start from you first.”

@MUBI alleged: “Na fraud most of them Dey do”

@Nasr said: “This your post is 3/10. It is always good to ask if you don’t know. There is a limit to what you can ask, even if someone is engaging in questionable activities and using unfunny comedy to cover up; it’s not supposed to be your business. No offense.”

@BIG GRACE asked: “@DanielRegha nobody on this app knows what you do for a living, yet you are always cooking, how are you able to do that without a job, where do you see money to buy foodstuff ? @officialEFCC please look into Daniel Regha case, he might probably be involved in fraud.”

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