Cubana chief priest gifts his wife a new car after she complained of boredom

Cubana chief priest gifted his wife a new car after she expressed dissatisfaction with her old one.

Sharing the gift on Instagram the club manager affectionately calling her β€œbaby.”

My baby @ deangels ! got bored of her G63 so I switched it up for her to presidential 2024 Escalade Cadillac 600.

GISTLOVER recall that Cubana Chiefpriest, a celebrity bartender, drew a lot of attention online after revealing that he spent over N47.1 million on his costumes.

The Nightclub owner said on content creator Egungun’s tell-d-price that he was wearing N1.3m footwear, a N1.1m shirt, and two wristwatches, a Cartier and a Patek Philippe, costing $14k (N10.8m) and $45k (N34.8m) respectively.

Chiefpriest opened out about his path to stardom and origins for the first time during the conversation.He claimed he did not come from a poor family but realized he needed to work hard to supplement his inherited fortune. The socialite claimed that he made the majority of his money in the booze business, emphasizing how important liquor has been in his life.Chiefpriest also discussed his car collection and its value. He mentioned possessing a N700 million Rolls Royce Cullinan, a G63 G-Wagon,Β a Range Rover G6,Β a Land Cruiser, and Mikano SUVs.

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