Crying over a woman makes you a weakling and loser

A Popular Twitter doctor identified as Doctor Penking has shared his opinion on Alex Ekubo and ex-fiancee Fancy brouhaha.

In the late hours of yesterday, the estranged ex-fiancee of Nollywood actor Alexx Ekubo, Fancy Acholonu took to her social media pages to render an unqualified apology to her fiance and his family for the hurt she caused them through the breakup.

According to her, she has been able to handle things and also control her emotions maturely. She also asked for a comeback with the actor, sharing a photo of them with the inscription on the t-shirt, β€œnothing makes sense when we are apart”

Reacting to the apology of Fancy, Dr. Penking has applauded Alexx Ekubofor his maturity after the breakup drama. According to him, any man who cries over a woman is a weakling and a massive loser. He advised men to use their energy to invest in themselves like how Alexx Ekubo managed to build a mansion, bag a doctorate, and invest more in himself.

Part of his tweet reads, β€œAlex Ekubo’s ex-fiancΓ©e, Fancy Acholonu has returned to beg him for forgiveness. She said she has learned how to handle situations better now. Wow. She probably thought that Alex would remain stagnant when she left. Fortunately, God is not man. As soon as she left, he built a mansion, invested more, and bagged a doctorate. Everything started falling in place for him. Who knows whether she was the w1ych stalling his progress?Β 

β€œMen, this is why you need to stop grieving over a woman that has refused to be kept. Never cry over a woman. Crying over a woman makes you a weakling and a massive loser. Use that energy to invest in yourself and watch them saunter back. However, never accept them when they come back, for such a woman has already failed the test of time and if the going gets tough in the future, she’ll run again……”

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