Celebrities, Fans laugh hard as Oba Solomon becomes Mr Macaroni’s potential in-law in new skit

An Instagram cleric, Adelana Solomon, popularly known as Oba Solomon, has become one of the latest potential in-laws in one of Comedian, Mr Macaroni’s skits.

Mr Macaroni is known for his skits, where his daughter, Motunde, introduces many interesting characters to him as her potential husband.

In the new skit, Oba Solomon, in his regular funny utterances, tried forcing Mr Macaroni and wife Mummy Wa into blessing his union with their daughter.


YouTube video

The video soon made the rounds on social media, and Oba Solomon’s display amused a number of Celebrities and netizens.


The hilarious skit is a follow-up video of last episode where Motunde presented Singer Portable to Mr Macaroni and Mummy Wa as her love interest.

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