Burna Boy’s New Song “Last Last” – Is One Of The Best Songs Released On Earth This Month (See Why)

After his Grammy-winning album “Twice as Tall” was published in 2020, Burna Boy’s latest song “Last Last” is his most serious attempt at making a hit song.
Burna Boy has been on an extended vacation since winning the Grammys. He’s been having a good time with songs like Balon d’Or with Wizkid, Kilometer, and “Want it all” with Polo G.

The song is about heartbreak, but in a less passionate and calculated manner. What a normal addict will rely on as a type of escapism from Breakfast (heartbreak) is Shayo (alcohol) and Igbo ( Marijuana). Although it may not appear to be serious, the message is highly relevant.

“Last Last” is the first song off his upcoming album “Love Damini”. The components for a certified hit song are all present in Last Last. It uses phrases like “everyone go chop breakfast,” “last last,” and “Igbo and Shayo.” It’s on its way to becoming a Tiktok and other social media sensation as a result of this. Within the following several days, weeks, and months, I expect it to go viral on social media.

It also includes a sample from Tony Braxton’s 2000 R&B song “Wasn’t man enough for me.” The smooth combination of Piano and Guitar, along with the exuberant Rhythmic Feel of a nicely harmonized Afrobeat instrumental, makes the music pleasant to listen to, and the video enhances the song’s visual appeal.

Last Last isn’t the type of song that will win several accolades, but it will undoubtedly have a large number of streams and be played in the most popular venues.

Burna Boy’s New Song “Last Last” – Is One Of The Best Songs Released On Earth This Month

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