Burna Boy Sampled Toni Braxton’s Song And She Gets 60% Of Royalties On “Last Last”

Grammy award winning singer, Burna Boy, has revealed a shocking revelation that American singer, Toni Braxton, gets 60 per cent of revenue from his hit single,”Last Last“.
The track, produced by Chopstix, features a sample of Toni Braxton’s 2000 R&B hit, “He Wasn’t Man Enough.”

Burna Boy who was a guest on Episode 174 of the Million Dollaz Worth Of Game podcast spoke about the song and how the sample happened.

According to him, he had always wanted to sample “He wasn’t Man Enough” and engaged Chopstix to work on it because he knew the producer could make it happen.

He described the experience as a special creative process.

The singer then proceeded to drop the bombshell that Toni Braxton earns 60% off the royalties thanks to the sample.

He said,

“It was actually my idea to be honest.

I just wanted to use that sample and I knew Chopstix could do something crazy with it. I just pointed that sh*t out and he took it from there. That’s one of the most creative processes ever.

“But she is taking 60 per cent of the sh*t. I’m not complaining. Hopefully, she even comes out to one of the shows.”

Watch the interview below:

As it stands, Toni Braxton takes 60% and Atlantic records take 30% of the proceeds too leaving Burna Boy with 10% on his own song.


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