AY, Mike Godson, Alex Ekubo and others get into a furious argument on Ik Ogbonna’s real age

  • Ik Ogbonna, a renowned Nigerian actor, has been accused of presenting false information about his age in a viral video.
  • Ik was seen in a new video mingling with industry peers, engaging in lively conversation and enjoying each other’s company.
  • Alex Ekubo explored uncovering Ik Ogbonna’s true age by questioning his father during his mother’s burial, but was met with a clever dodge.

In a funny video that has gone viral, popular Nigerian actor Ik Ogbonna is once again the focus of attention, being falsely accused of lying about his age.

In a recent video, Ik was seen interacting socially and having a great time with Mike Godson, Yomi Casual, Funny Bone, Alex Ekubo, and other business associates. They were all having vibrant conversations.

One topic naturally led to another as the talks progressed, and Alex Ekubo took advantage of the chance to explore the fascinating topic of discovering his friend’s real age.

When Alex tried to interrogate his father after his mother’s funeral to find out how old Ik Ogbonna really was, he was faced with a cunning deception, as he described.

Not to be defeated, Ekubo brought up the subject again when he recently paid a visit to Ik’s father’s residence. He was taken away when Ik’s father hinted that Ik might be older than 50.

One of Ekubo’s pals who witnessed the entire interaction was there to support this surprising revelation.

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AY Makun, in true comic flair, couldn’t help but make fun of Ik Ogbonna’s age claims, while his brother Yomi Casual joined in with his own jokes.

As expected, Ik Ogbonna vehemently denied the charges. But despite the jokes, Funny Bone stood out as the one supporter, unwavering in his conviction that Ik Ogbonna is, in fact, still in his mid-30s.

Alex Ekubo was unmoved by Ik Ogbonna’s denial and persisted in thinking that Ik was lying about his age. In the humorous video, Ekubo playfully addressed Ik about his suspicions.

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