“Atoe Wapi?” Ex-Manager Demands 150K From Stevo Simple Boy For His Social Media Passwords

“Betty Kyallo manage bae aki!” “Stevo Simple Boy has the hardest life in this country, mara sio madame, kugongwa, kutoanishwa, kuibiwa!” Netizens say.

The ex-manager is demanding a hefty sum of 150,000 Kenyan Shillings to give Stevo Simple Boy his social media accounts.

Life is not any good for Stevo Simple Boy. After his return to Kibera from Buru Buru due to rent difficulties, he’s expected to pay 150K to get his passwords.

The manager claims to have invested the amount in purchasing and managing Stevo’s social media pages during their working relationship. Now that their partnership has ended, the manager insists on payment for access to the accounts.

Stevo Simple Boy’s journey as an artist has been marked by numerous challenges, including relationship issues, health struggles, and instances of being taken advantage of. His music often reflects these life experiences, resonating with many fans who appreciate his authenticity and relatability.

The demand for payment to regain control of his social media platforms adds another layer of complexity to Stevo’s ongoing struggles.

Social media presence plays a crucial role in today’s music industry, acting as a direct connection between artists and their fans. Losing control of these platforms can significantly impact an artist’s reach and engagement.

Fans and supporters of Stevo Simple Boy are expressing concern and empathy for his situation,as harsh realities faced by many artists, especially those from humble backgrounds come into play.

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