Assisting Kenyans Seeking Medical Help Has Come At A Huge Cost On My Own Health – Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi admits he gets nightmares from some of the medical conditions he has had to deal with.

The comedian has been raising funds for people dealing with all sorts of illnesses to the extent that it’s affecting his mental health.

Eric has been leveraging his online platforms to raise funds for individuals dealing with illnesses, oppression, and even those experiencing food scarcity.

Speaking during a recent interview with Nairobi News, Eric Omondi admitted that he was traumatized by the gory images people send him while seeking medical help.

Eric said his WhatsApp is full of photos of people suffering from all kinds of medical conditions which is beginning to take a toll on his mental health.

“I am afraid to open messages sent in my WhatsApp because I do not know what image will appear. There are hundreds of cases of people who want me to help them. Some send me very gross messages that end up traumatising me. I get nightmares, and my mental health is somehow affected,” Eric Omondi said.

Among the distressing cases, Eric highlighted one where a person had been in the mortuary for five years, describing it as emotionally challenging and expressing his desire to shield fellow Kenyans from such painful experiences.

Acknowledging the impact on his mental health, Eric Omondi revealed that his mother checks on him daily and has advised him to seek therapy to navigate the emotional toll of his philanthropic efforts.

“I will be going for therapy but I will continue to serve Kenyans. I am using my platform since Kenyans build it for me. They have been my fans since I joined comedy and this is just a way of giving back to them,” Eric Omondi said.

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