African China reacts to Mary Njoku’s stance on DNA test

Veteran Nigerian singer, Chinagorom Onuoha, popularly known as African China queries Nollywood actress, Mary Njoku over her stance on DNA tests.

Recall that the famous actress and ROK TV boss shared her two cents on DNA testing, urging men to carry out multiple tests to make sure he is not discarding their blood children.

African China
African China

African China reacted by questioning whether the actress was subtly attempting to convey some information about herself to her followers.

He wrote: “Babe are you trying to tell us something about yourself go ahead we are all ears.”

The singer faced heavy backlash following his query to Mary Njoku.

Read some reactions below:

paulrooneysolomon said: “Say person popular no mean say e get sense oo. Mugu”

e_klasic_jackets said: “His name says a lot about him. Ode!”

amaxynaturals noted: “Referring to another man’s wife as Babe is very disrespectful.”

mirrabelll stated: “China wan use her resurrect his de@d career 😂”

evisediblecakes wrote: “Comprehension issues 😢😢, she didn’t say doing DNA was wrong, she only said “seek 2nd, 3rd or even 4th opinion ” to be double sure you’re not throwing your kids away”

dopemrs_kingsley queried: “Where is the lie? Why would a sane person question what she’s saying?”

African China reacts to Mary Njoku’s stance on DNA test

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