Actress Anita Joseph responds to Tolanibaj’s warning – “if my partner doesn’t fart, there is a problem”

  • Nollywood actress Anita Joseph responded to reality star Tolanibaj’s warning to her potential partner never to fart around her.
  • Tolanibaj expressed her disapproval of her partner’s behavior and advised him to respect himself when releasing bad air when they are together.
Actress Anita Joseph responds to Tolanibaj's warning - if my partner doesn’t fart, there is a problem

Anita Joseph responded by saying that if her partner doesn’t fart around, it means that there is a problem.

She wondered why she would have to excuse herself to fart just because her partner is around.

Netizens reactions:

dansky_exchange wrote: “I don’t think you love each other if you can’t fart in the presence of your partner..una just Dey Whyne una self”

kingkaayz noted: “No matter how y’all try to normalize this farting stuff, it’s a NO for me biko ”

wickedestdino asked: “If I fit mess in the presence of our Lord,who you ????”

sparkles01__ said: “The day i farted in front of my man,he shock. He was like fine baby like you,i thought you will code this habit small,since then na competition between us”

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