3 Days to Valentine, Aunty Ramota Dyes Her Hair Pink

Popular media personality, Aunty Ramota causes an uproar online as she shares how she’s getting her hair dyed pink as Valentine’s Day draws near.

The comedian was seen in a video making the rounds trying to change the natural color of her hair.

Apparently, she wants to move to sporting pink hair from now on and decided to dye what little hair she has pink.

She could be seen circulating the colored substance on her hair as the liquid was poured on her hair.

Reactions that followed …

Otee said: “Real definition of “my husband pple don do small thing for my head”

زهرا said: “Aunty ramota’s hair is lonely at the top”

ADEDUNNI said: “Abeg can somebody explain to me Waytin this woman use rubber hold at the center part of her head”

Soni_dad commented: “This Aunty Ramota don first craze for former life”

Jennyzy penned: “Aunty ramota Awuje never close 😂😂nah why she dey put oil”

Watch the video below …

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