Yung Bleu Lashes Out At DJ Vlad For Allegedly Pitting Him Against Boosie Badazz

Bleu wasn’t happy with what Boosie said about him and told Vlad that he got what he wanted, “some black men going at it.”
If there is one thing that is a guarantee, it’s that Boosie Badazz is going to sit down for a VladTV interview every few months. The rapper has now developed a reputation for his often outlandish remarks, and many of his viral moments were sparked thanks to his sitdowns with the long-running interview series. There is just about nothing that Boosie won’t speak on, from his career to his peers to business dealings to his personal life, and he has been quite vocal about discovering Yung Bleu, also known as Bleu.

The singer was reportedly signed to Boosie’s Badazz Syndicate, but after Bleu’s career took off, it seemed that the Louisana icon took issue with the way things were going behind the scenes. Whenever he was asked about the situation by Vlad, Boosie always made it clear that he doesn’t have any issues with Bleu, but with some of the people representing him.

It seems that this point was once again brought up during Boosie’s latest chat with the outlet and it caused Bleu to fire off a message to Vlad.

“Vlad u got your wish bra ! U been building this sh*t with me and Boosie for 5 interviews straight after we constantly told u the love we have for eachother!” the singer tweeted. “U got what I wanted white man ! Some black men going at it [shrug emoji].” He added, “@vladtv u finally got what u been wanting mane . U ain’t stop pressuring till u got the response u wanted outta us!”

“U live for this dnt ya ! Long as sh*t benifit your platform ! But ima no longer speak on it ! I just got some great new to balance that interview I just had to was [moon emoji]. I’m real as they come [praying hands emoji].”

Elsewhere, Bleu aired out his grievances with Boosie stating things like, “U ignored my vision,” “treated me like a lil dog,” and stated that Boosie never gave him money, paid for a music video, came up with a marketing plan.

Everyone hopes that Bleu and Boosie remain on good terms. This comes on the heels of Vlad and NLE Choppa arguing on Twitter this week. Check it out below.

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