“You’ll hear from my native doctor”, Zubby Michael angrily vows after being pranked on set

Widely-celebrated Nollywood actor, Zubby Michael was left enraged after being pranked by content creator, Untouchable.

In the video, the prankster who once did the same to Destiny Etiko disclosed that he got information that Zubby Michael was filming at a particular location so he decided to pull a prank on him.

In the clip, Zubby Michael and his crew members were doing their work diligently when some boys were dragged to their location by men who posed as military personnel.

The boys who pretended to have been captured went on to accuse Zubby Michael of being the kingpin who sends them on notorious missions and provides them with ammunition.

Zubby Michael who was shocked by the statement from the boys proceeded to one of the guys and slapped him.

As they were still debating on this, a lady and a man arrived at the spot and accused Zubby of being a homosexualist who sleeps with him in exchange for roles.

Things got heated and the men who posed as military officers asked Zubby to come with them to their barracks. Zubby Michael on his part declined while stating that they would need more men to get him out of the spot.

In no time, Zubby Michael began fighting with one of the men and grabbed his gun. This gave other crew members the morale to pounce on the other guy.

In the course of the physical altercation, Untouchable and his guy showed up and told Zubby Michael it was a prank which caused the actor and his crew members to chase them furiously.

An enraged Zubby could be heard saying that Untouchable would hear from his native doctor. He vowed to consult the oracle due to this.

Watch the video below:

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