“You people should help me beg him o”

Reality TV star, Angel Smith has cried out over her broken heart as she pleads for Nigerians to beg her boyfriend.

According to Angel Smith, her man woke up one day and decided to block her everywhere.

Angel noted how she thought she was the love of his life and that they had foresight of the future.

The reality star pleaded with Nigerians to help her beg him.

“My ex really woke up one day and decided to block me everywhere; bae; I thought I was the love of you life. I thought we had some foresight in the future.

“You people should help me beg him o”.

The reality TV star who had earlier advised women on not confessing to cheating on their partner.

In her tweet, Angel wondered why any woman would ever own up to cheating and dubbed it crazy. She suggested that the ‘gaslight girl boss’ approach should rather be used in such situations.

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