You people are so used to filters – Actress, Lota Chukwu blows hot over incessant age-shaming

Lota Chukwu has never been one to entertain pettiness from trolls and isn’t about to start.

The film actress blew hot on Twitter after a troll decided to persistently age-shame her for having wrinkles and laugh lines.

Lota Chukwu

Though she did not follow the thread of the original tweet of the troll, Lota Chukwu responded that folks nowadays are so used to filters, they cannot handle an unfiltered face. She responded:

“You people are so used to filters…that’s the only explanation why someone would repeatedly camp under my tweet to try to clown me by saying I’m getting old because I have “wrinkles”. I’m 30+, I have laugh lines, I don’t see the problem. Next….”

She further went on to explain that she has been functioning on little or no sleep for the past few days and no one can make her feel bad about her looks because her face card has never declined since she clocked 5. Lota Chukwu added:

“I look like that after getting barely 15hrs sleep in 192hrs and being on my feet with zero hours of sleep for 26hrs… and still look that fine. Nobody in the world can make me feel bad about my looks, even on my worst day.

Bruhhhh face card hasn’t declined since I was 5.”

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