“You are unique and beautiful”- Pretty lady shows off her hairy face, video goes viral

A one-of-a-kind lady has gone viral on TikTok after sharing a video of her hairy face.

The video was tweeted by @enassaintmyckylov, and viewers are fascinated by how hairy the lady is.

Her hair reaches from her forehead to her cheekbones, covering much of her face.

The stunning woman also has masculine-style side brows, and the hair on her forehead grew to join the brow hairs.

Numerous social media users expressed their fascination and respect for the hairy lady in the comment section.

Check out the video below:

@Rodrigue Mendome said: β€œYou are a divine beauty and you were born to shine, you are very special never forget it.”

@Sagittarius reacted: β€œI love you, even if I don’t want to see the hair on your face.”

@Money is not expensive said: β€œAre there people who are miraculous there? We didn’t notice we saw a little monkey on the spot.”

@Jhoulie said: β€œI have a little one, on my neck is full of feathers. Now I put perfume on it. After a while, it sweats, and it smells like big black-headed ants.”

@charly509102 commented: β€œThey say that it comes from the mouths of children. Do I have to be a child to tell you that I love you?”

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