Yo Gotti Taps DaBaby On New Song “Drop”

Last week, there were murmurs about Yo Gotti and DaBaby being spotted filming a music video, and ahead of its arrival, the pair of hitmakers dropped off their collaboration. DaBaby’s name has been involved in the news regarding a shooting in Miami days ago, and fans were concerned when it was shared that he was being questioned by authorities. Thankfully, he was released without incident, but unfortunately, his artist Wisdom Awute was arrested and faces attempted murder charges.

The show must go on, as they say, and right on time, Yo Gotti and DaBaby shifted focus back to music as they meet up on “Drop.” Artists are lining up those releases just in time for summer and these two aren’t any different. Gotti celebrated the release of “Drop” by writing on Instagram, “New Deal, Mo Money, Mo B*tches & [fire emoji] Music.”

Quotable Lyrics

I am (I am), that n*gga (That n*gga)
Big old scrap, but the check bigger
Truck four-wheel, worth six-figure
Beverly Hill, run with this, eight figures
Knew who I am, that’s two hundred (Two hundred)
Just touched a mill, I been done it (Been done it)
F*ckin’ on a b*tch from the back
Smack her on the ass, bump Three 6, who run it?

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