YK Osiris Admits He Doesn’t Make Smart Bets, Gets Clowned With Giant Check

YK Osiris says he doesn’t make smart bets.
YK Osiris explained his recent financial troubles by admitting that he doesn’t “make smart bets.” The Jacksonville rapper was offered $65,000 during an interview with Barstool Sports in the form of a giant check, but Osiris says it’s still not enough to cover his debts.

“I think I just don’t make smart bets. I just jump in the water and swim,” Osiris admitted when asked why he owes so much money. “Are you going to save me?”

The hosts responded by bringing in a giant check for $65,000 and asking if that’s enough to cover his debt.

“I need more than that man,” Osiris said, laughing in response. “How can I get more?”

YK Osiris, Debts
Rich Polk / Getty Images
In recent months, rappers across the industry have joked about being owed money from Osiris. In December, Drake had the “Worth It” singer perform live for him in order to cover his debts.

Osiris wasn’t even able to ring in the New Year in peace, as French Montana pulled up on him at the club to demand his money.

“I found my n***a,” Montana said on his Instagram at the time. “He owe me some money. He don’t wanna pay me, but I’m gonna get my money.”

“I’ll give you that back, give me two more weeks,” Osiris responded with a grin.

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