YAHOO+ GONE WRONG!! The Awkward Moment Hypnotized White Woman From California Regain Her Consciousness In Lagos State (VIDEO)

Omo strange things dey occure in this country o.
Below is a video of a White lady from California United States of America, who regained her consciousness from the jazz she was hypnotized with by a Yahoo boy.

Apparently, he invited her all the way from California down to Epo Badagry, Lagos State Nigeria and this happened.

Watch Video Below

Cyber fraud, locally known as Yahoo Yahoo in Nigeria, has taken various shapes and forms in recent years.

Cybercriminals commonly known as (Yahoo boys) in Nigeria, continue to operate and improve their scams with tech tools such as: VPN applications to mask their location, photo manipulation software to create false appearances, taking advantage of bitcoin anonymity to receive fraudulent proceeds and creating web pages for phishing and a lot more.

For some time now, hardly does a week pass without the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) parading young men for cyber fraud or some being jailed by courts for internet fraud-related offences.

The deadly side of it is the YAHOO PLUS.

As the name implies, Yahoo Plus is an advanced form of the popular Yahoo Yahoo which is a fraudulent activity, largely carry out on the internet on unsuspecting victims.

The name came about when yahoo mail was popular in the early 2000s and email fraud was new.

Yahoo Plus are the ones that are involving local charms and other voodoo or juju to dupe people online and also to make money ritual.

Some of the young boys involved in the illegal business (Yahoo Yahoo) often resort to seeking metaphysical powers from herbalists that they believe will enable them to hypnotize or control their victims for the time they are on their radar.

This latter category of boys are called β€˜Yahoo Plus’ boys or β€˜G-boys.

And I believe this white lady was hypnotized by a Yahoo plus G Boy.

What Do You Think Could’ve Gone Wrong, That Made The Woman Regain Her Consciousness?
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