Wumi Toriola Releases Statement Addressing Claim She Was Violent in Her Marriage

It’s no news that Wumi Toriola and her husband of three years have quit the marriage and parted ways.

The actress and mother of one was however forced to revisit the issue of her failed marriage after news began making the rounds that the union ended because she was violent.

Taking to her Instagram page on Tuesday, January 24, Wumi Toriola refuted claims that she was physically abusive towards her mother and mother-in-law.

She revealed that her mother died over 20 years ago, hence it is impossible to be violent towards the deceased. She also added that she never raised a hand nor exchanged punches in the course of her short-lived marriage and fingered her ex-husband for spreading such terrible rumours.

Toriola added that she has since moved on from the relationship and enjoined everyone else to do same.

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