Woman transforms life of little girl who started living with her

Netizens applaud woman for her dedication to taking care of a little girl who was brought to live in her home.

As at when the girl was first brought in, she could be seen with visible signs of malnutrition and lack of confidence.

However, the woman took special care of her, took her to school and made sure to feed her properly.

“She brought out her confidence” — Woman shows 2 month transformation of little girl who started living with her
The little girl after spending 2 months in her new home.

Just few months after, the young girl could be seen bursting with joy and looking healthier than when she first came to the house.

Many online users are quite pleased with the transformation and commended the woman for taking care of the little girl like her own child.

See some reactions to the video below

@abbietayo observed: “She brought out her confidence”

@JustKingss prayed: “God bless her ❤️
This are the kind of content I love to see ❤️🤗”

@BagoAgnes claimed: “This is totally unnecessary for social media”

@Abdulherphyz added: “Look how confident she got. A child in a loving home is blessed. She looked withdrawn or just adjusting to a new environment in the first clip, now look how confident she is because she’s loved & cared for. Bless her new parent.”

@opreciouse opined: “Adoption should be normalized please. Immediately a family sees that a baby is not coming, let them adopt… I know it’s not easy, I’m just suggesting”

@_kathiiie stated: “Finally an Igbo woman beating the allegations 🥺”

Watch video here

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