Wives married to policemen sing happily

A viral video shows wives of policemen singing joyfully at their convention as they remark on how fortunate they are to be married to a policeman.

There appeared to have been a gathering of the wives of policemen for their convention.

wives policemen policeman married
Police wives.

They were seen wearing matching outfits at the event which was held at unnamed state.

What has piqued the interest of netizens was the song they were singing.

They rhapsodize about how happy they are to be married to a policeman and that since making that decision, they have never had cause to regret that decision.

The wives added that they shine every day because of their husband’s profession.

presidentibro said: “Off course, at least you’re sure of cash every night 😂😂😂”

_____dc420 remarked: “Una husband wey dey always misbehave for street 😂😂”

avalonokpe commented: “Most of dem dey pretend😂”

rowlypotifa said: “As them the bring bribe come house everyday, why una no go buga 😂”

fademii_xxy wrote: “Una dey shine 😂my bf money self dey part of money wey Una dey use shine Enijere”

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