Wife Of Man Who Trolled Drake Wants His Fans To “Chill Out With The Hateful Messages”

Her husband trolled the rapper with a crack about Drake’s son Adonis, so in turn, Drizzy followed her on Instagram.
Ever since Drake followed the wife of the man who trolled him, the couple’s social media pages have been in chaos. We previously reported on Drake penning a comment on Instagram about proud fathers who support their children’s efforts. After saying he would be enthusiastic if his son Adonis was in a “rubix cube competition,” a man slid in his two cents and replied, “Ya son prolly play with ghost writers.”

Drake then followed the man’s wife and slid in her DMs, and while she was initially excited about the attention, she returned with a lengthy statement to clarify a few things for the public.

“I did not ask for any of this, if you actually know me, you know I am a very to myself individual,” she wrote. “I did not make my husband troll anybody, I did not make Drake start following me, I did not make y’all start commenting or following, I am not looking to be or hoping to be any celebrity, I know this was all because of a random comment between two grown men, not me.”

She went on to say that she recognizes this will “blow over very fast,” and admitted that she’s a huge Drake fan while her husband doesn’t like him.

“I am very happy with my husband please don’t get that confused,” she added. “We have truly enjoyed this sh*t, it’s been hilarious. I am a grown ass woman. Chill out with the angry, hateful messages, I am unaffected, not responding and you are wasting your time and energy sending them to me.”

Read through her message in full below.

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