Wife dumps husband less than 2 months after moving abroad

Wife splits up with her husband to chase after white men in less than two months after he moved her abroad as a dependant.

According to a Twitter user, Sir Dickson who related the story, the man had moved his wife abroad in May, two months later, she left him.

The man revealed that his wife had taken to a promiscuous lifestyle as she supposedly sleeps with neighbors and chases after Nigerian and white men.

Sir Dickson wrote:

β€œThis man is telling me how wife he brought as a dependant this May stayed in his house for less than 2 months and moved out. He claimed she was sleeping with neighbours and following Nigerian and White men.

He is tired of the embarrassment.

He even showed me pictures of her flaunting a white lover. He is afraid of false allegation to the police so he is minding his business and how he approaches things.

He is tired of the marriage already. I don’t tire. I’m just nodding my head because I know both of them.”

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