“Why will you sell cube of sugar for me as a house?” – Bimbo Ademoye lambastes Lekki real estate developers

Popular actress Bimbo Ademoye recently released a film in which she delivered a biting assessment of real estate developers in Lekki, Lagos State. The video has made quite a stir on the internet.

Bimbo let go her wrath on Friday, February 9, charging these developers of forcing people to live in intolerable conditions through the subpar homes they put up for sale.

The actress uploaded a video of herself motoring by homes that she was asked to buy, with hardly any space for parking, to support her accusations.

Because of the small size of the estate, an outraged Bimbo called the home a “sugar cube” and called for the arrest of some developers.

She identified a typical car that was parked slantwise in the video since there wasn’t enough room for it.

Within her caption, Bimbo wrote:

“I am not even going to lie, this upset me to my soul. I think some people should be arrested when it comes to real estate. Because why will you sell a cube of sugar for me a house. Talmbout 80 million. You are mad. Sorry for the bad words.”

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