Why the insult? – Justine Skye’s interaction with Ayra Starr at Rema’s 02 Arena show stirs reactions (VIDEO)

  • In the scorching hot video circulating the web, Rema’s rumored girlfriend, Justine Skye, and Ayra Starr were caught in the act, bonding and shooting the breeze at his blazing 02 Arena gig
  • Justine Skye, with a twinkle in her eye, teasingly throws a curveball at Ayra Starr, asking if she’s mad.
  • This eyebrow-raising moment left netizens in a tizzy, pondering why the jibe, as others couldn’t help but shower praises on the duo’s stunning looks.

Ayra Starr, the renowned Nigerian songstress, and the American singer, Justine Skye, created waves of enjoyment at Rema’s sensational 02 Arena concert.

Their interaction became the talk of the town, igniting a flurry of reactions and discussions across the online realm.

On November 14, 2023, Rema, real name Divine Ikubor, headlined a show at the O2 Arena in London, and he shared his spotlight with Ayra Starr, and other Mavin stars, Crayon, Magix, others by letting them perform on the big international stage.

Justine Skye, often whispered to be romantically linked with Rema due to their frequent cozy public outings, showed up in full force at his gig, dishing out moral support.

In the sizzling video that sent Netizens into a frenzy, Justine Skye and Ayra Starr were caught backstage, dishing out some serious girl power vibes at the concert.

Ayra Starr, showering compliments on her radiant face, got an extra dash of admiration from Justine, who then threw a curveball by questioning Ayra’s sanity.

The sudden inquiry hit the Mavin star like a bolt from the blue, leaving her in wide-eyed astonishment, prompting her to respond with a bewildered “What did you just say?”.

Justine Skye, offering her rationale for the quirky question, said she’d heard everyone’s a bit bonkers. Ayra Starr, taking it all in stride, cranked up the heat, unleashing a twerking and dancing spectacle right then and there.


In the aftermath of their showdown on screen, a savvy netizen demanded to know the rationale behind the sudden insult.

On the flip side, a swarm of admirers couldn’t resist but unleash a torrent of compliments, going gaga over their breathtaking beauties and striking appearances.


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