Why some smart women are pretending to be dumb to settle down – Mary Njoku

Nigerian actress and filmmaker Mary Remmy-Njoku, has given some reasons why she feels some smart women pretend to be dumb, just to settle down.

The actress who recently renewed her wedding vows claimed many men don’t want to get married to smart women.

Most men today think smart and ambitious women are not good wife materials hence go for girls they think are dumb.

Mary Njoku asserts that many women pretend and only show their true colours after they have settled down with their partner.

She claimed smart women prefer smart men but most smart men don’t want smart women and informed men that the real ‘wife material’ is smart and ambitious. Taking to her Instagram page, Mary Njoku wrote:

“Smart women prefer smart in men but most smart men don’t want smart women.  So the smart girls are getting what they want by being dumb. Until they enter HOUSE. 

Oga, not all dumb girls are dumb.  The real ‘Wife Material’ is smart and ambitious! I guess you have to be smart to know that. Its 2022!!! “

hitztv recalls Mary Njoku threw a subtle shade at those who are used to claiming they own bragging rights to something.

The filmmaker who recently renewed her wedding vows in Maldives on the occassion of her 10th anniversary, took to her Instagram page to urge Nigerians to reiterate this important information.

Njoku noted that Afrobeats has its origin in Nigeria and not Africa and wanted fellow countrymen to keep stating this so it doesn’t become another ‘jollof rice’ story.

She went on to point to list other instances and experiences where other nationalities have tried to take ownership of a Nigerian experience. In Nkoju’s words:

“Afrobeat originates from NIGERIA.

Afrobeat is NIGERIAN.

Not Africa.

Let’s start stating the facts before before it becomes a ‘jolof rice’ story.

“Na so I here say someone invent plantain chips

(kpekere)for America few years ago.

Dem say Nigerian youths were named ‘sorosoke’ generation by a foreigner wey no dey speak yoruba. Afrobeat is NIGERIAN.”

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