Why I’ve Never Celebrated Valentine’s Day With My Husband – Actress Uche Nnanna

The actress stated that young people who take the celebration of Valentine too seriously are yet to understand life.

Speaking in an interview with Sunday Scoop, Uche Nnanna stated that there should not a particular day where a person can show their love or demand something extra from their partner.

She said, “Young ladies should endeavor to always celebrate their partners. They don’t have to wait till Valentine’s Day. A responsible partner knows what to do to make their partner happy. A loving partner would show love every day, even if they don’t have money.”

Sharing her thoughts about young people who put pressure on their partners over Valentine’s Day celebration, she said, “I believe young people who take Valentine’s Day celebration too seriously are yet to understand life. There is no particular day when one needs to demand something extra from one’s partner. I am a married woman, and I show love to my husband all the time. I don’t have to wait until Valentine’s Day to let my husband know how much I love him.

“Since I got married, I have never celebrated Valentine’s Day with my husband, and it’s not because we don’t want to. But, we have never had a chance to be together on Valentine’s Day since we got married. I cannot even recollect any remarkable Valentine’s Day (I had) while I was single. I believe people should show love to their partners every day, not just on Valentine’s Day.”

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