“Why I’m happy Nigeria lost” – Ghanaian rapper, Black Sheriff reveals

  • Ghanaian rapper, Black Sheriff, has sparked controversy by expressing his views on Nigeria’s AFCON loss to Ivory Coast.
  • Nigeria’s Black Stars were eliminated in the group round, and he expressed relief that his Nigerian colleagues insulted him.
"Why I’m happy Nigeria lost" – Ghanaian rapper, Black Sheriff reveals

Rapper Black Sheriff, also known as Mohammed Ismail Sherif of Ghana, has made remarks regarding Nigeria’s AFCON match defeat to Ivory Coast that have caused controversy.

He said that he was relieved that Nigeria had lost since, following Ghana’s Black Stars’ elimination from the competition in the group round, the majority of his Nigerian colleagues had contacted to disparage him.

Black Sherif vowed to continue mocking Nigeria for their AFCON defeat.

On his X handle, he wrote:

“Blaqbonez called me on Facetime to laugh at me when my country’s Black Stars was sent home, the guy couldn’t stop smiling. Odumodu was on Facetime the next 3 days telling the Jeweller to make me the cheapest piece he’s ever made, And na me call am for the Jeweller o! You want me to shut up? I’m going to bed. We go again this afternoon. Super Eagles! you do this one.”

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