Why I won’t divorce my husband if he cheats

Media personality Yeni Kuti has revealed the reason why she will never divorce her husband if he cheats on her.

Yeni Kuti made her reason known during a recent interview with Chude Jideonwo. According to her, people have different opinions when it comes to marriage and cheating husbands.

Yeni Kuti gives reason why she won’t divorce her cheating husband. Photo credit: Yeni Kuti. Source: Google

However, irrespective of people having the opinion that a woman should seek divorce when her husband cheats, she believes otherwise.

According to Yeni Kuti, her father married 27 wives but her mother never sought divorce or leave the marriage so she sees no reason to divorce her husband for cheating when her mother stayed in her marriage.

‘’I wouldn’t leave my husband if he is cheating. That’s me. You can leave your own husband if he is cheating, that’s you. Don’t judge me. I am not judging you. My father had 27 wives, my mother didn’t go. So it’s me that will now go because of one girl? It cannot happen”.

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