Why I won’t advise Nigerian men to relocate their wives or girlfriends to UK – Abroad-based Nigerian man

A Nigerian man living in the UK speaks on why he wouldn’t advise Nigerian men to bring their girlfriends or wives abroad.

The Nigerian man opened up on this while being interviewed in a voxpop by a street interviewer known as @prince_dstn.

Man Nigerian men UK wives girlfriends abroad

The man revealed during the interview that he wouldn’t advise Nigerian men to bring their girlfriends or wives into the country if they are not used to the way of life in the UK.

When asked why, the man revealed that most of the women tend to change when they get here and begin trying to get the man into trouble so he can be sent out of the house.

He noted that the laws in the UK allegedly mostly favours women, children and pets.

The man advised that if one should marry while in the UK, it would be preferable to be married to a woman already in the UK.

lola.2399 wrote: “In the same vein, don’t bring your husband with you abroad. Let them remain in Naija. Se e le ya were ni.”

ewatomiclg said: “If your intentions are to marry and bring her abroad, kuku marry those that are already in abroad, used to the system, has calm down and understood life than a fresher that has not called 911 her entire life and cant wait to make use of it.”

uncle_ibiwari opined: “80 % of women in Nigeria marry for financial security so they have no option than to live with and tolerate their husbands excesses. When they get to a country where they too can make a decent living without their husbands, they suddenly realize that you aren’t so much of a big deal, hence the night separation rate abroad”

I.tobiloba said: “Regardless of skin colour, be it 481 black or Caucasian, if you marry an unfortunate person, your own don be.”

ucee_iphy said: “If you’re a good husband to your wife in 34 Nigeria, she will never go against you abroad. Beside who said is Men thatbrings women abroad? majority of the men in the youkay na there wife be the main applicant meaning say na she bring him”

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