Why I Want A Toxic Relationship – Nigerian Comedienne, Datwarrigal Speaks

Oluwatoyin Albert, the Nigerian content creator also known as Datwarrigal has indicated interest in getting into a toxic relationship

According to the comedian, men of these days are only interested in peaceful relationships, which do not fancy her.

The Ondo- born, who spoke in pidgin, gabe explicit illustrations of how toxically dramatic she expects her relationship to be.

She said in a video ”It looks like I’m going to be single for a while because, right now what a man really wants is peace. If you are not giving peace as a woman, they are not interested.

“I am not interested in a peaceful relationship but a toxic one. A relationship filled with drama.

“As a matter of fact, I want to date a drug lord. You know those drug lords have many drama around them, snitches and all

“Maybe one of these days, my ‘boyfriend’ will just kill one of the snitches ( because I want to date a drug lord not the mercenaries) and in the process of that, he will come in contact with a cartel. Those are the kind of drama I want, but I am in Nigeria.”

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