Why I “slapped” my chair in Aso rock before leaving

Former Nigerian president, Muhammadu Buhari, has finally opened up about the reason he slapped his chair before leaving Aso Rock.

When questioned about what he missed from his eight years in the Presidency, Buhari surprisingly stated, “I don’t think I miss much.”

Despite the challenges and responsibilities he faced, Buhari expressed contentment with his achievements and did not dwell on any sense of longing for the past.

One of the most intriguing moments of the interview was Buhari’s explanation of why he “slapped” the chair he used in Aso Rock on his final day.

According to the former president, it was his unique way of saying goodbye. This symbolic gesture captured the attention of the public, sparking discussions about the emotions and sentiments associated with leaving such a significant position of power.

As the interview is set to be aired at 10:30 PM today, Nigerians eagerly anticipate gaining further insights into Buhari’s presidency and the personal experiences that shaped his time in office.

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