Why I regret not sleeping with my best friend’s man

A lady identified as @Mhana_Fumo on Twitter has regretted not sleeping with her best friend’s man who showed interest in her.

The lady identified as Mhana narrated how her four frontal wigs and handbags had been stolen from her by an unknown person.

She never knew the unknown person was her best friend until she accidentally saw her wearing one of her wigs and carrying her handbag.

According to Mhana, she had also lost money some time ago when it was just her best friend around but she felt she was overthinking.

However, she now regrets not sleeping with her best friend’s man, who has been trying to be with her.

In her words:

“Did I not accidentally meet my best friend wearing one of the four frontal wigs that were stolen and handbag. The first time she stole money in my room, I thought I was overthinking.

“Now fortunately I know my hair and handbag. Ntl. I should have eaten her man who has been proposing and I should have sent her cheating files to her man. But it’s fine,” she said.

See the post below:

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