Why I Don’t Go To Church Despite Being A Christian- Vera Sidika

Socialite Vera Sidika has maintained that she is a Christian, pouring cold water on allegations that she converted to Islam when she was with Brown Mauzo, a Coast-based singer and the father of her two children.

Vera called upon those spreading the information to stop, referring to them as pure lies.

She went on to reveal why she has not been attending church despite being a Christian.

“I am a Christian and whoever is spreading the false allegation that I have converted should stop spreading lies. I have openly expressed my desire to return to church. The reason I haven’t attended church is because of the attention I attract as a public figure and the scrutiny I face because of my celebrity status,” the mother of two told Nairobi News.

Previously, Mauzo spilled the beans about Vera’s decision to be a Muslim and even revealing that she had adopted the name Zara.

“One day she called me and expressed her desire to convert to Islam, saying she wanted us to be a Muslim couple. This was a significant sacrifice she was making for the sake of our relationship and I gave in.

“This gesture touched my heart deeply and I realised the sincerity behind her intention in our relationship, although I initially had reservations, suspecting it might be for publicity,” he said.

The couple broke up in June 2023 but their breakup was made public in August the same year.

Vera has maintained that the relationship is done and dusted and they would never get back together again.

“Oh babe that would never happen. Respectfully,” she told one of her fans who asked whetherv she has ever though of fixing things with Mauzo

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