“Why does this look more like an instruction than a surprise”- Video of Veekee James’ husband surprising her trends

Netizens have taken notice of Femi, the husband of well-known Nigerian celebrity designer Veekee James, once more.

Recently, the fashion designer hosted her bridal shower ahead of their wedding, and she celebrated the occasion with some of her closest female friends.

In a video that went viral, Femi was seen surprising his wife at the bridal shower by storming the venue with a bouquet, which she presented to Veekee as onlookers screamed in excitement and wonder.

The bride-to-be received her flowers from her man with an embrace before they shared a kiss, leaving many netizens moved.

Watch the video below

The video of Veekee James’ husband, Femi, at her bridal shower, raised a series of reactions from netizens. While some gushed over the couple, others tried to undermine his role as the man in the relationship.

Read some of their comments below:
floralplug_ng: “I’m not jealous, o,I’m not o, But Something is off.”

_.adela: “Surprise bawo? Something when Dem dun discuss for house.”

cellarrouge: “Lol, planned stuff. But why does he look so stiff?”

ij_peggy: “Obedient boy.”

official_glorioux: “Na really surprise matching decor and flowers I love this.”

nabila_muk: “The same way it feels off with cuppy and that her white boyfriend… is the same way these two feels off.”

oyindaakinbote: “Why does this look more like an instruction than a surprise, Anyways make I comot before them call me bad belle.”

thevanesaonly: “Why is she acting like she’s the husband?”

purplelilyofthevalley: “Lol seriously sweet but honestly. Are we no longer living life away from the cameras? It’s getting very weird and creepy.”

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