Who Would You Rather Spend A Whole Day With — Wizkid Or Davido?

The very different lifestyles of the two biggest artists out of Africa have been a topic of conversation in entertainment for a while now.
We know about Davido’s loud and lavish life that includes showing off his money, linking up with popular artists.

These days that lifestyle also includes moving around with a whole lot of guys, doing collaborations with artists you wouldn’t expect to see him with, and so on.

Wizkid, on the other hand, has a very silent lifestyle, keeping everything he does on a low. Except for when he posts his location on Instagram, you could never tell what Wizkid is up to these days. You can’t tell who he records with, who he hangs out with, or even if he hangs out with anyone at all.

His day probably involve just sitting around smoking, drinking, and eating—and sometimes recording, of course.

While some people admire Davido’s friendliness with everybody and regard it as a rare virtue, some others prefer Wizkid’s silent lifestyle. Well, it’s all down to preference.

So based on what we know about these two guys’ lifestyles, if you had the opportunity to spend a whole with either of them, who would it be?

Me, for one, I think I’d go for Wizkid. I mean, maybe I can learn a few things from him and tap from his grace. Abi. How about y’all?

Who Would You Rather Spend A Whole Day With — Wizkid Or Davido?
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