Who Else Noticed Rema Is No More Sounding Indian?

The introduction of Rema a few years back comes with the Indian tune which edges him with much love outside Nigeria
The Marvin star has penetrated the international market with its uniqueness. His sound is obviously incomparable, so is his delivery.

Rema has taken the game to another level setting the bar higher for his colleagues in the game.

Average Nigerians are fond of saying β€˜I don’t like this guy music, he’s sounding like India’. Some has concluded he’s not making music for us.

In recent, he’s been dropping sounds that fit in the game and carry Nigerians along. Isn’t that safe to say Rema is the future of AfroBeat?

His recent release made me come to the conclusion that Rema has totally diversified into pure Afro likes music and Nigerians have no excuse for this.

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