Which Track Is Your Favorite On Fireboy’s “Playboy” Album?

Fireboy keeps proving he is not just your regular type of artiste – He is the real definition of No Bad Songs
He just released the so much anticipated “Playboy” album and in less that 12 hours, the whole industry has been singing his name like an anthem.

Currently trending on Twitter Ng with his 14 track “Playboy” album with a lot of Netizens fantasizing on how much they love and appreciate Fireboy and his craft.

A lot of them have been arguing on which of the 14 tracks is actually the best among the rest.

However everyone’s musical taste is different and music hits differently at the first release before everyone finally agrees which one is actually the best.

So Guys, after listening to the album

Which Track Is Currently Your Favorite?
Let us have your say on this

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