“What if Earth is hell” – Reactions as video of four men who met ‘hell’ while mining goes viral

  • A viral video of four men experiencing a terrifying phenomenon at mining has captivated millions of viewers worldwide.
  • @thegravedigger’s TikTok footage shows four miners, who are described as ‘hell’, swiftly fleeing from an undisclosed mining site while working in a cave.
  • The video, which has garnered over 450k likes and 5000 comments, depicts miners panicking in a cave shelter.
“What if Earth is hell" - Reactions as video of four men who met 'hell' while mining goes viral

A video of four men facing a terrible occurrence evocative of ‘hell’ while mining has gone viral, attracting the attention of many viewers around the world.

@thegravedigger’s TikTok video shows four miners fleeing what is described as ‘hell’ while working in a cave at an unnamed mining site.

The video, which has received over 450k likes and 5000 comments since its upload, depicts the miners hastily scurrying under the shelter of a cave, obviously in a state of panic.

The TikToker, whose identity is unknown, states that the miners came across an unusual experience during their routine work operations, which they dubbed an encounter with “hell.”

Many netizens have been left interested and perplexed by the video, with many crowding the comments section with queries and assumptions regarding the nature of the incident.

Watch video below

Reacting to the post…


@Farzana_Nasrullah said; “it is not hell . No one knows where is hell.”

@NEPIAGO said; “Have you not heard of the Bull Worm there isn’t a heaven or hell.”

@Nabila asked; “By the way hell is not on the earth?

@Kcboyyy said; “That’s not hell it’s the giants under the grounds eating people that are missing.”

@_Riley_Freeman said; “Hell isn’t on earth.”

@Phxlawnandlandscaping.com said; “What if Earth is hell and were all prisoners.”

@silver wing said; “Hell is not on earth and people who died are asleep until judgement day when Jesus comes to judge them then they go to heaven or hell.”

@trae said; “Hell is in another dimension.

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