“Wetin I talk no good” – Phyna bows to pressure apologizes for calling men ‘cheap’

“I’m not proud of abortion I did when I was younger” – Phyna finally tenders an apology to the general public

Phyna Otabor, a notorious reality TV star, has apologized for calling men “so cheap” in sexual encounters.

Remember that the reality star claimed in the most recent edition of her podcast, Spill With Phyna, that men are “cheap” and often grovel when women make little advances on them.

She went on to remark that many men marry women who approach them, emphasizing how men conceal their insecurity by shaming women with their body numbers.

Her claims provoked uproar, with many people calling her out on social media.

However, in reaction to a viral video of her X podcast in which she was mocked, Phyna admitted that her beliefs were incorrect and apologized.

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