“Waliachana?” Netizens Curious After Yvonne Okwara Stops Using Husband’s Name Matole On TV

“She is no longer Yvonne Okwara Matole! She is only Yvonne Okwara what happened?” A Netizen asks.

Netizens are buzzing with curiosity after noticing a change in how Yvonne Okwara is addressed on television. The once familiar “Matole” attached to her name has vanished, leaving many wondering about the story behind this sudden alteration.

Dan Nyaga, a keen observer, raised the question on social media, sparking speculations and opinions.

Some netizens, like Oduk, drew connections between Okwara’s professional growth and changes in her personal life. They suggested that her rise to prominence in the media industry and interactions with influential figures might have strained her marriage, leading to the disappearance of “Matole” from her public identity.

Yvonne Okwara is widely respected for her journalistic integrity and fearless approach to asking tough questions, traits that have endeared her to audiences across the country. Her journey from grassroots journalism to mainstream media platforms like Citizen TV has been remarkable, paralleling the career trajectories of other renowned media personalities like Janet Mbugua.

In December 2014, Okwara tied the knot with her beloved partner in a private ceremony, marking a significant milestone in her personal life. Meanwhile, “Matole,” whose real name is undisclosed, was previously married to Alice Manyola, with whom he shares three children.

Rumors suggest that the preparations for Okwara’s wedding were not without challenges, as there were concerns about potential disruptions from Matole’s ex-wife. These rumors only added to the mystery surrounding the couple’s past and the subsequent absence of “Matole” from Okwara’s public persona.

While the exact reasons for this change remain undisclosed, the public’s interest shows the deep connection audiences feel and how keen they are with media personalities like Yvonne Okwara. Her journey, both professionally and personally, continues to captivate and inspire many.

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