Video of mentally challenged woman crying on the road trends

An emotional video of a mad woman breaking down in tears on the road has ignited lots of reactions from netizens.

A lady identified as @karisma659 shared the video on TikTok, stating that it was her first time seeing a mad woman in that state.

In the video, the mad woman sat at a place alone and weeping as the lady filmed her.

She captioned the video: “I have never seen a mad person shed tears before but this actually got me crying. What could be her problem.”

The video stirred reactions from netizens who claimed that the woman might have regained her sanity at that point.

Fargo_23 said: “Sometimes they do realize that they’re not in there right senses and u guess she just realized she’s not in her right senses.”

Nuellastore.360 said: “Chai I feel for her.”

CutiePerry099 said: “You should’ve just move close to her and asked her what happened.”

CHIKAMSO OTA said: “Her body is tried of that stress been mad but the spirit is all over her body God bless heal her.”

@chomy reacted: “The walk wey dey inside is the problem. May God heal you my sister.”

Drama qween said: “Mad ppl are always crying.”

Ella bionda said: “God please locate her.”

@pure Sandy said: “Most of those mad people you see outside are not really mad some are homeless.”

Gladys Duke said: “E nor still easy for mad world.”

Mona julie said: “U wouldn’t want to knw why she’s crying.”

BIG_NIMS reacted: “I don’t think she’s even mad, could be depression that got her into dis and she’s just coming back to her senses.”

Chelsy reacted: “Why do I feel that at that point she just realized she’s not in her right senses.”

Joshua said: “Omo e no easy, it can be that over thinking caused this madness for her God abeg bless me l want to change people’s life.”

Watch the video below:


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